Introducing Hypergrand

Introducing Hypergrand

Have we introduced you to the HyperGrand range?  No?  Let’s rectify that right now! HyperGrand is a brand designed out of Singapore by owner and ex engineer Leroy Xavier Zhong.  Leroy recognised that the industry was lacking a range that could be versatile, priced competitively and frankly just damn cool. With this in mind Leroy had a vision for HyperGrand to become an everyday essential in your wardrobe with the changeable Nato Strap (a cleverly designed strap originally created for the British Military to be easily changeable) allowing each owner to customise their watch with the season, the occasion or even simply just your mood.

The range varies from super minimal with their iconic 01Nato range, through to their new Cold Hard Steel range which sees a move towards a bolder construction through the use of cold pressed surgical steel.  The Nato straps have a proprietary fine weaved design that has allowed them to print detailed graphics onto the strap – a world first. This achievement is highlighted in the HyperGrand logo, a lion with a slight smirk.  This smirk is directed to the people that warned the manufacturer that the classic Nato strap should not be messed with.  Lucky for us they didn’t listen.

HyperGrand have put the hard work in to allow you to stand out and we applaud them for their ingenuity and style.

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