• Triwa Raven Nevil

    $439.00 $390.00

    Triwa Raven Nevil  features a black dial with yellow chronograph sub dials, silver hour index markers a white second hand and an inner ring displaying seconds. Set within an stainless steel case and mineral glass this stylish time piece also comes with a durable black mesh band.



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Chronograph Watches : Furnish Your Wardrobe With Timeless Beauties

Chronograph watches are in high demand today thanks to their classic appeal and stunning finishes without compromising on functional form. But many people have not understood how useful these watches can be for their needs. The truth is that chronograph watches bring a myriad of functions and capabilities that many people don’t use optimally, leading to under utilisation. Tokki Watches aims to help you debunk some myths about using chronograph watches –– empowering you with the knowledge necessary to reap the benefits of owning such a delightful piece of equipment for your hand. To put it simply, a chronograph watch implies a stopwatch or timer using a few buttons. The time span for recording these types of stopwatches could be anywhere between 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on the design you buy, which makes them excellent for all kinds of functions.

History Of The Evolution Of Chronograph Watches

Chronology literally refers to time in Greek, while graph means writing. The term ‘writing’ was derived because the early versions of the watch were operated differently than today. A person needed to use a pen to mark the dial, which was attached to the index. The pen length indicated the amount of time lapsed. Louis Moinet invented the first chronograph watch in 1815. Moinet first envisioned the chronograph watch to serve as a tool used to work with astronomical equipment. But French watchmaker Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec was the one who made waves in the construction of the chronograph watch, which led to it becoming one of the most sought-after models in the market. Nicolas was often referred to as the “Watchmaker of the King” –– a title granted to him by King Louis XVII. The King used chronograph watches to time horseraces. This practice was adopted the world over for a variety of sports. From then on, the chronograph design and construction saw a myriad of changes over the years and centuries.

Technology –– The Driving Force Behind The Growth Of The Chronograph

As people started to fully comprehend the benefits of chronograph watches, demand for them grew tremendously. The Tachymeter was another addition. A tachymeter was designed to help in computing speed, based on travel time. It could also measure distance, based on a given speed. Tag Heur introduced the first rotating bezel tachymeter in 1958 and other watch brands followed suit soon after. The need for chronograph technology is found regularly in the aviation industry and other industries where repeated and precise timing is vital. The chronograph proved vital for saving three astronauts on the Apollo 13 Space shuttle after all computer systems failed on board. After this debacle, President Eisenhower made it mandatory for all astronauts and pilots to use a chronograph on their wrists because he understood its benefits tremendously. Thanks to the Omega Speedmasters they had, they were able to time their re-entry into earth. This led to the widespread adoption of chronograph watches in the aviation and other related industries like automobile racing, sport, naval navigation and much more. The chronograph watch is an exciting invention designed to help you keep your time perfectly, but can also come to your aid in a variety of ways when you need it.

Chronograph watches have always been desirable thanks to their stopwatch features, so make sure you add one to your collection if you haven’t already done so to make an exquisite style statement. Tokki Watches stores different designs, styles and brands to meet your needs, so you’ll always find something that echoes your character. Chronograph watches are simple to operate, but many people don’t realise the complex intricacy used when making them. If you’re looking for the right chronograph watches for your needs, rely on Tokki Watches when you’re looking for the best watches online Australia has to offer.