• Triwa Blue Eye Falken

    $349.00 $340.00

    Sleek, minimal and well crafted the Triwa Blue Eye Falken features a silver face a polished stainless steel case and detail and a Tärnsjö brown organic leather band. 

  • CLUSE La Boheme Mesh Silver White

    $149.00 $140.00

    The CLUSE La Boheme Mesh Silver White features a brilliant white face, beautiful silver case and an elegant silver stainless steel mesh band which can be sized for the perfect fit. The CLUSE La Boheme Mesh Silver White exudes elegance with its delicate construction and a 38mm diameter casing.  The strap can also be easily interchanged, allowing you to personalise your watch.

  • CLUSE La Boheme Mesh Full Black

    $169.00 $160.00

    The Cluse La Boheme Mesh Full Black features an elegant black dial face with grey markings, an equally elegant black casing and finished with a black stainless steel mesh band that will stand the test of time. The strap can also be easily interchanged, allowing you to personalise your watch.

  • Void V03D BL BL BL

    $279.00 $260.00

    The Void V03D BL BL BL Watch features a black stainless steel case, pure black face with black detail and a black Swiss vegetable tanned leather strap that will soften over time.


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