• Triwa Blue Eye Falken

    $349.00 $340.00

    Sleek, minimal and well crafted the Triwa Blue Eye Falken features a silver face a polished stainless steel case and detail and a Tärnsjö brown organic leather band. 

  • CLUSE La Boheme Rose Gold White Grey

    $149.00 $130.00

    The Cluse La Boheme Rose Gold White Grey features a brilliant white face, beautiful rose gold case and an elegant grey leather band that will soften and age gracefully over time.  The strap can also be easily interchanged, allowing you to personalise your watch.

  • Void V03D BL BL BL

    $279.00 $260.00

    The Void V03D BL BL BL Watch features a black stainless steel case, pure black face with black detail and a black Swiss vegetable tanned leather strap that will soften over time.

  • Void V03B BR TO WH

    $227.00 $210.00

    The Void V03B BR TO WH Watch features a brushed stainless steel case, pure white face with black detail and a maroon Swiss vegetable tanned leather strap that will soften over time.


Analogue Watches: Adding A Stunning Visual Finish To Your Attire

Your attire will seem incomplete without a stunning device wrapped around your wrist and analogue watches from Tokki Watches can add the visual finish you desire impeccably. Providing just the right amount of class and style without being overbearing against your ensemble, you will fall in love with your new wardrobe addition. If you’re after classic pieces then you may want to buy Triwa watches or Nixon watches to suit your taste buds. Fashion brands like Hugo Boss and Emporio Armani can make a significant impact on your repertoire thanks to their stylish demeanour and eclectic elegance. You can even find watches with interchangeable straps to blend in with your attire for the evening. Analogue watches instill more conventional imprints, but typically present an unparalleled look of elegance –– making them excellent choices for more formal occasions. Unlike digital watches that display time in numbers, analogue watches follow the movement of hands to indicate time over a round dial. The stunning hand movements allow you to tell time.

Finding Analogue Watches To Meet Your Lifestyle Needs

Whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s analogue watches, you’ll always find something you want with Tokki Watches. Offering both classical and modern designs, our watches are made from the finest quality materials from some of the most celebrated watch brands in the world. You can choose between metal or leather straps, round or square dials, minimum or multi display watches and much more to help you keep track of time efficiently and stylishly. When digital watches came into existence in the 1970s, many people came to associate analogue watches with classic style and old-school charm –– but never outdated.

With the impact of style and elegance still visible in all designs, analogue watches offer an exquisite time-keeping offering, resonating seamlessly with your lifestyle needs. Simple designs and durable straps are the customary options offered for round dials. Advanced translations regularly resist these patterns, swanky square dials, moderate (or even clear) displays and straps with woven nylon or innovative plastic content.   Gold or silver constructions on watches, looks exceptional on any wrist. Men can enjoy thicker straps with plenty of impact, while women can enjoy more dainty pieces when they choose to pick up a watch from Tokki Watches. Modern watches are available in both leather and metal straps designed to meet different tastes, with desirable dials featuring minimalism and sleek appeal. You can choose between different watches for formal and informal occasions, all of which are unparalleled in sophistication when placed on your wrist.

Whether you’re looking for bracelet constructions or strong leather straps, you have a myriad of choices in analogue watches when you rely on Tokki Watches for your buying needs. Compare between different designs available online in Australia and choose exactly what you need to match your dressing sense. Choosing analogue dials for your wrist makes a style statement, showing that you’re not afraid to dig into your traditional side, showcasing your appreciation for timeless style and sophistication. Whether you’re looking for modern or classic appeal, we have something to match your needs every time. From feminine to masculine watches, just visit Tokki Watches and find something that appeals beautifully with your taste buds. Find a way to channel your inner elegance when choosing a watch for your needs. Can’t make up your mind with one? At our affordable prices, you can afford to buy two… or more. Visit Tokki Watches and add some brilliant analogue watches to your repertoire to keep time in the most elegant way possible.