Buy Triwa Watch: A Stunning Design For Your Collection

Established in 2007, you will enjoy youth and exuberance when you decide to buy Triwa watch options for you or your loved one. As one of the youngest watch brands on the market, the company is dedicated to building a reputation as one of the leaders in style, function and charisma with every design reflecting these characteristics beautifully. Every Triwa watch was created in the Stockholm studio, birthing both creativity and ingenuity at the helm of every part of the business. The diverse culture and glorious landscapes of the city of Stockholm lends a push to the innovative thinking found so easily amongst Triwa’s watch designers. If you’re looking to buy Triwa watch brands for their classic yet contemporary appeal, let Tokki Watches make your decision supremely easy.

Buy Triwa Watch: Built For Function And Style Without Compromise On Quality

With an eye on both design and fashion, the Triwa brand is meant for people who not only want to gift it to others, but also want to place it around their own wrists, whether they want to buy men’s watches or women’s watches. Since inception, the brand has sought to evolve its offerings to keep us with demand and personal tastes of loyal consumers who have given the brand a strong standing in the market in the short years it has been operating. The watches are always evolving, which make the designs contemporary and stylish without losing out on their timeless appeal. A Triwa watch is built on a bedrock of precision, operational excellence and design supremacy, which is second to none in the highly competitive watch industry. Tokki Watches stocks a repertoire of Triwa watches, which is available to you at some of the most competitive prices in the industry –– allowing you to furnish your wardrobe with style and function without denting your wallet.

The brand exudes confidence, style, integrity, exclusivity and class, which is exactly the kind of accessory you’ll want to have around your wrist. When you have a Triwa watch around your wrist, you can rest assured that there is none quite like it. The designers from the house of Triwa are dedicated to ensuring that your watch is almost impossible to copy thanks to the unparalleled standards of performance, design and functionality they infuse into every piece without compromise. The contemporary designs are trendy and stylish, but traditional design aficionados need not worry because the brand also presents classic designs to cater to different tastes. Built to impress with both form and function, the watches from the house of Triwa are meant for all ages and people thanks to an endless selection of designs in different styles and functions, so whether you’re looking for something more elaborate, casual, formal or simple, you can enjoy a gorgeous Triwa watch fit beautifully around your wrist.

From styles like the Triwa Falken showcasing minimalistic simplicity reminiscent of the 50s to styles like the Triwa Klinga representing classic elegance and slim detail, you have a myriad of options at your doorstep by simply clicking on a few buttons on the Tokki Watches website. The Triwa Nevil is a gorgeous take on the classic chronograph watch, exuberating style and function seamlessly without compromising on its timeless appeal. The Triwa Sort of Black is a tribute to black as a colour and has been conceptualised along with Danish designer Rasmus Storm. The Triwa Niben is an expressive watch for people who want to make a bold statement dramatised with style. If you’re looking to buy Triwa watch options, rely on Tokki Watches to meet your needs every time.

  • Triwa Blue Eye Falken

    $349.00 $340.00

    Sleek, minimal and well crafted the Triwa Blue Eye Falken features a silver face a polished stainless steel case and detail and a Tärnsjö brown organic leather band. 

  • Triwa Walter Falken Black

    $349.00 $340.00

    Sleek, minimal and well crafted the Triwa Walter Falken Black features a gun metal grey face and case, gold detail and a Tärnsjö black organic leather band. 

  • Triwa Stirling Niben

    $349.00 $230.00

    The Triwa Stirling Niben watch includes a silver engraved dial with a silver roundel, a high contrast blue second hand, silver hour index markers and an inner ring displaying seconds. This stylish time piece is set within a brushed stainless steel case, mineral glass and a polished stainless steel bezel. A Tärnsjö organic brown leather band completes the look.

  • Triwa Sort Of Black Classic

    $395.00 $350.00

    The Triwa Sort Of Black Classic features varying levels and textures of the colour black with the exception of gold detailing on the hour and second hands.  A premium Tärnsjö brown organic leather band completes the all black look.

  • Triwa Raven Nevil

    $439.00 $390.00

    Triwa Raven Nevil  features a black dial with yellow chronograph sub dials, silver hour index markers a white second hand and an inner ring displaying seconds. Set within an stainless steel case and mineral glass this stylish time piece also comes with a durable black mesh band.

  • Triwa Duke Nevil Cognac

    $439.00 $390.00

    Triwa Duke Nevil Cognac  features a dark blue dial with gold chronograph sub dials, silver hour index markers a white second hand and an inner ring displaying seconds. Set within an acetate case and mineral glass this stylish time piece also comes with a Tärnsjö organic brown leather band with bold stitching.

  • Triwa Blue Face Nevil

    $399.00 $350.00

    The Triwa Blue Face Nevil features a light silver sun ray dial with dark blue chronograph sub dials and a light lilac second hand, silver hour index markers and an inner ring displaying seconds. Set within a turtle acetate case with steel case back and mineral glass this stylish time piece also comes with a band made from Tärnsjö organic brown leather with bold brown stitching.