Hygge Watches: Leaders in Innovation and Style

Borrowing innovation and ingenuity from the Danes, the designers at Hygge Watches combine warm friendliness with cosy appeal to bring out a stylish product for watch aficionados. Built on a bedrock on exciting visual appeal and fascination with timeless elegance, this brand has produced some of the most unique and striking timepieces in the world. Drawing inspiration from minimalism with Scandinavian design ideologies and technical prowess through Japanese standards, Hygge Watches is known for its meticulous attention to detail and exclusive designs. The entire range is designed with style and elegance in mind, designed to resonate with the taste buds of the new-age man. The brilliance lies in the fact that they combine classic beauty with modern style to create the perfect brand of watches for contemporary lifestyles and offer designs for all occasions, whether formal or casual.

What To Expect With Hygge Watches? Your Trusted Time Partner

The MSL2204 Series from the brand is a representation of the chronograph-style watches, offering stainless steel accents and colour detailing on a largely black design. Whether you’re a metal or leather person, you’ll have the choice at your beck and call based on your preference. Most men like the idea of adding both to their wardrobe repertoire to mix it up for different occasions –– and Hygge Watches doesn’t disappoint with either choice. The state-of-the-art MSP3012 Series of watches takes visual interest and operational brilliance to a whole new level. The watches represent time through a floating disc position, which can be found in the middle of the face of the watch. But that’s not all –– you’ll have a choice of stunning colours to make a real statement when you add one to your wardrobe. Hygge Watches are so phenomenally beautiful that they could trigger conversations with strangers almost instantly. The advanced manufacturing techniques employed with a strong emphasis on quality guarantees buyers with the best possible watches from Hygge. Combine the brand with a seamless online purchase from Tokki Watches in Australia and you’ve got yourself a winner every time. Hygge is one of the most unique brands of watch manufacturers thanks to its progressive concepts and exciting designs, influenced by Scandinavian ideologies. The emphasis on Japanese-standard quality ensures that the watch will last for a long time to come thanks to technical brilliance. The minimalistic aesthetics and intricate workmanship make these watches truly unique for people who want something pocket friendly without being too mass market.

History Of Hygge Watches

From 2009, talented designers have worked together in collaboration to develop the Hygge Watch range where close attention to detail is given at every step of the way –– from the design and craftsmanship to the finish and materials used. Magnifying as a symbol of Scandinavian and Japanese culture, the timepieces produced are some of the finest in the world and are instantly appealing to those who appreciate the true beauty of watches. P.O.S has been a family-run company since inception and was originally founded by Ryoji Sato in 1949. Since inception, the company earned a respectable reputation as a manufacturer of major dials. The company was reestablished in 1987 under the brand name P.O.S. Co. Ltd and started importing Scandinavian watches into the market in Japan. Ryoji Sato’s oldest son, Yoshimasa Sato, then decided to launch a new timepiece known as Hygge –– a new collection designed to express the company’s passion for Scandinavian design and Japanese technical expertise.

Creativity And Quality At The Helm

Creativity is the biggest trigger for all designs –– with talented designers at the helm of this innovation. Employing high levels of professionalism and craftsmanship, the designers and workmen have set new standards in the global watch industry with uncompromising quality at every step of the way. Engineers closely control production to ensure that quality remains at the highest possible standards. Strict tests are undertaken to ensure that every product sold on the market meets the expectations laid out in terms of creativity and quality. If you’re looking for the ultimate in quality, creativity and style, then look no further than Hygge Watches from official stock partner Tokki Watches in Australia. In addition to Hygge Watches, we stock other brands like Kapten & Son Watches and Hypergrand Watch.

  • Hygge MSP3012C Series Blue White

    $320.00 $160.00

    The innovative Hygge MSP3012C Series Blue White Watch is where the Hygge range really starts to get interesting.  Time is represented through the position a floating disc in the centre of the watch face, and with bright blue detail, this is a watch that definitely makes a statement.